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Our approach: customisation!

Our approach: customisation!

Learning to speak a language well is one thing but it does help your career if you always know the right words when it concerns your work. However, it's not just all about the right words, truly understanding a language is often more than that. Quality Communication helps you on your way. You’ll be learning a language but specifically aimed at the reason why you need the language. Whether you work in technical engineering, in the healthcare sector or as a football coach, every profession has its only language and specialist jargon and every country has its own customs and practices. That’s why we offer customised language courses.

We believe in customisation. First, we take an in-depth look at your branch of industry and business and then we will work on the course content. So every course is unique! Thanks to that targeted approach, the average language course takes no more than thirty training hours. Numerous private individuals, (government) organisations and businesses can tell you all about this (indeed, in two languages ...).

Quality Communication thinks in terms of return. In other words, employees need to master the required languages as soon as possible, which is why on average, a course will start within two weeks of registering!
Together, we prepare a course plan that fits in with your agenda. During the day or in the evenings, anything is possible in our training room or at other locations. The choice is yours. Quality Communication will, in any case, provide audio and visual equipment and course materials.