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Ni Hao.

Ni Hao.

China is a country with strong economic growth and if you’re thinking of focusing on the Orient, learning the Chinese language is likely to be a wise investment. This language is spoken by 1.22 billion people (in China but also in many other Asian countries) and as such, it’s the most widely spoken language in the world.

The language we’re referring to is Mandarin. In China, this collective name for all Mandarin language variants is called Guanhua, language of the officials. The most widely spoken Mandarin dialect is Standard Mandarin, which is also taught at schools, so at Quality Communication, you’ll be learning Standard Mandarin.

The Chinese language courses are held exclusively at our office in Barneveld. It requires very specific training material, which is why we are unable to offer this course throughout the Netherlands. A basic course takes 40 hours to complete. You learn to understand the Chinese culture and then to communicate in Chinese at a simple yet representative level. By focusing on the goal from the start, we help you lay solid foundations for the Chinese language. Once these foundations are in place and you are able to apply the basics of Chinese at a representative level, you can move on to any level you like.

During the no-obligation intake, together we determine the content of the programme and the competencies to be developed. We also hold an intake test to determine your current level of Chinese. This way, we make sure the course starts at the right level, thus achieving a return right from the start.

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