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If you hear someone speak Polish, you probably have no idea what they're talking about. That’s no surprise because Polish is a Slavic language, which is why we will recognise very few words and expressions that correspond with those of the western European languages. So does that make Polish a difficult language to learn? Not at all, it means learning Polish is a wonderful challenge.

Polish is written with the Latin alphabet and the Polish alphabet has 32 letters. As soon as you’ve learned and are able to use the alphabet, under the supervision of one of our qualified and experienced teachers, you’ll be learning the language communicatively and with a focus on practice. This means that the programme of the Business & Specialised Polish course will be geared to your activities. This will enable you to use the language in practice quite fast, which accelerates your language development. You’ll then realise that Polish isn’t at all as complicated as you initially thought.

During the no-obligation intake, together we determine the content of the programme and the competencies to be developed. We also hold an intake test to determine your current level of Polish. This way, we make sure the course starts at the right level, thus achieving a return right from the start.

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