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We all speak English. We learned it at school and we hear it on TV and radio every day. English is the world language! If you have a command of the English language, you’ll be able to communicate without any problems anywhere in the world. This makes things easier while you’re on holiday but it also offers major business opportunities. Nevertheless, most of us quickly realise our ‘standard’ English isn’t always good enough to be a business success.

Looking to communicate in English on a representative level? Then register for our practical language course. The content of this course is geared to your activities and is available in various programmes. Examples include International Business English; International Business & Technical English; International Business & Financial English; International Business & Secretarial English; International Business & Sales English; International Business & Purchasing English; International Business & Accounting English.

During the no-obligation intake, together we determine the content of the programme and the competencies to be developed. We also hold an intake test to determine your current level of English. This way, we're not wasting any time and we make sure the course starts at the right level, thus achieving a return right from the start.

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